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For General inquiries call


1-888-562-1828 Toll Free

Fax: 250-562-0227

TDB Consultants Inc.
2032 River Road
Prince George, BC, Canada
V2L 5S8


For specific inquiries contact

Dick Mynen - President/CEO - dick.mynen@tdb.ca


For Engineering Services inquiries contact:

Cristina Hutchinson - cristina.hutchinson@tdb.ca 

For Forestry inquiries contact:

Joel Runtz - joel.runtz@tdb.ca

For Harvesting and Log Scaling inquiries contact:

Mark Green - mark.green@tdb.ca

For Fire Fuel Management inquiries contact:

Joel Runtz - joel.runtz@tdb.ca

For Geomatics inquiries contact:

Rob Kragt - rob.kragt@tdb.ca

For Photogrammetry inquiries contact:

Rob Kragt - rob.kragt@tdb.ca

For Wind and Renewable Energy Services inquiries contact:

Mark Green - mark.green@tdb.ca 

For Human Resources inquiries - contact:

Dick Mynen - dick.mynen@tdb.ca 




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